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About Us

Transmission Innovations was founded by two veterans of the power line supply business who recognized the value and benefits of introducing new technologies to the industry. One of the partners had a wealth of experience with modern polymers and resins, treat while the other had many years of power line supply experience. Together they formed the company and set out to design and test the products that TI now offers the market place.

Once the line up of products was developed, purchase they collaborated with a major Canadian utility and test lab to ensure that their products would perform as required. After many years of testing in labs and field trials, the results were published and their expectations were either met or exceeded. The FRP products performed as well as, or better than conventional materials, with the bonus effect of numerous additional benefits.

As well as providing the necessary structural component, the FRP members were found to be much faster to install, had superior environmental resistance, and lifespans far exceeding those of the regular materials used for power line construction.

Transmission Innovations manufactures their products at a major North American plant (Creative Pultrusions) and is prepared to, and has the capacity to meet the needs of utilities and transmission companies around the world. FRP is backbone of the new generation of transmission and distribution poles and members, and TI is there now to make its contribution.

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Our Products

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69kV – 138kV Cross Arms

Our low voltage transmission and distribution cross arms come in a box profile, filled with foam and capped both ends to prevent environmental ingress.

167kV – 287kV Cross Arms

Our high voltage transmission cross arms come in two C-channel profiles and can be custom designed for virtually any length required by your utility.

Cross Braces

Our cross braces also are a box profile, light for ease of installation and can also be configured for any length.

Our Partners

Transmission Innovations recognized the need to associate with world-class partners in order to fulfill its mission of bring FRP products to the market. It’s initial goal was to align with a leading FRP manufacturer that worked with the latest resins, and could pultrude the cross arms providing the high quality and large capacity required. Through previous association and reputation, TI knew that Creative Pultrusions was the manufacturer that could meet its stringent requirements, and thus the association was formed.

It’s next objective was to secure a partnership with a forward thinking utility that would work in partnership to test and deploy field trials of the FRP members. Fortunately, one of the world’s most progressive utilities was in TI’s backyard – BC Hydro. After some discussions, TI and BC Hydro set up a partnership for their mutual benefit – where BC Hydro had immediate access to these innovative cross members and TI had access to all the resources of a major utility. The end result was the TI FRP members became a standard item in the BC Hydro procurement program.

Strategic Alliance:

Our Clients

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