Utility Poles

Our composite utility poles have been engineered to outperform wood,  steel, shop and concrete poles and to stand the test of time. They have been vetted for approximately two decades by many utility companies positioned around the globe. The poles are pultruded with advanced UV protection in a matrix that offers superior toughness and strength. In addition, the poles exhibit excellent corrosion, moisture and fire resistance properties.

Quality Standards

Our poles have been engineered to meet American National Standard Institute (ANSI) and National Electric Safety Code (NESC) code requirements. Exhibiting a coefficient of variation of less than 5%, our poles are strong and will maintain design strength over an extended period of time. The result? In 20-, 30-, 40- plus years the composite utility pole will maintain 80% of its original strength. This greatly increases grid reliability.

Top Caps and Base Plugs

The top cap and bottom plug are designed to stand the test of time while mitigating rodent and bird intrusion into the pole. The bottom plug permits water to ingress and egress as the water table fluctuates and provides a solid foundation for the pole.

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Utility Poles on Truck