Pole Climbing Systems

Our unique and innovative pole climbing systems offer safe and easy use across a wide variety of diameters of both tapered and constant cross section designs. Our systems offer high quality production combined with easy maintenance for the user while our designs make prolonged work on the poles comfortable and safe.

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We offer two major types of pole climbing systems:

  1. Pole Climbing Equipment for: Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites, Steel, and Concrete

    Our UNI-Met+ climbing accessories cater to a wide range of applications. The adjustable climbing accessories are designed for both round and multi-angular poles.

    Based on the diameter of the pole, we offer the following UNI-Met+ climbing systems:

    • UNI-Met+400, for climbing poles with a diameter from 140 to 400 mm
    • UNI-Met+450, for climbing poles with a diameter from 230 to 450 mm
    • UNI-Met+550, for climbing poles with a diameter from 300 to 550 mm

    In addition, for poles of larger diameter (UNI-Met+550), the internal grip is adjusted so that the rubber grip is set on the pole and the leg is pulled rearwards, allowing the lower holder to click into place.

  2. Pole Climbing Equipment for: Wood Poles and Trees

    For climbing wooden poles and thinner trees, we offer the following pole climbing systems:

    • Adjustable UNI-W-Standard
    • UNI-W-Classic

    These systems offer a wide range of applications on poles with diameters anywhere between 100m and 300m. Typically, they are used by maintenance workers of electric power and telecommunications systems and foresters.

Each of these product packages includes:

  • Pedal parts: pedal parts are assisted by a mounting and a rubber strap to enable quick and easy attachment of the climbing accessories to your feet.
  • Gripping arcs: to ensure a good grip and natural positioning of your feet as you climb, gripping arcs provide easy, safe and fast regulation of the internal gripping arches.
  • Adjusting mechanisms: the regulatory mechanism may be set manually or using the control leads (uMet+400, UNI-Met+450).

Advantages of these pole climbing accessories:

  • Optimal three-point accommodation to the pole ensured as you climb.
  • Low weight (9 kg per pair) with the center of gravity below the pedal plate.
  • Forces do not affect the climber’s ankles during use (eliminated possibility of ankle pain due to the use of climbing accessories).
  • The possibility of climbing over the consoles.

For more information on how to order pole climbing systems, visit our Contact page and we will be pleased to assist you. Thank you!