69kV – 138kV Cross Arms
Our low voltage transmission and distribution cross arms come in a box profile, filled with foam and capped both ends to prevent environmental ingress.
167kV – 287kV Cross Arms
Our high voltage transmission cross arms come in two C-channel profiles and can be custom designed for virtually any length required by your utility.
Cross Braces
Our cross braces also are a box profile, light for ease of installation and can also be configured for any length.
Deadend Apitongs
Our deadend apitongs come complete with pole mounting and insulator eyes, for ease and speed of installation.
Custom Applications
Due to its light weight and strength, FRP can be adapted for many applications. Contact us with your ideas!
Utility Poles
Utility Poles
Our poles are pultruded with advanced UV protection in a matrix that offers superior toughness and strength.
Pole Climbing Systems
Our innovative pole climbing systems offer safe and easy use for a wide range of pole diameters.