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Transmission Innovations was founded by two veterans of the power line supply business who recognized the value and benefits of introducing new technologies to the industry. One of the partners had a wealth of experience with modern polymers and resins, treat while the other had many years of power line supply experience. Together they formed the company and set out to design and test the products that TI now offers the market place.

Once the line up of products was developed, purchase they collaborated with a major Canadian utility and test lab to ensure that their products would perform as required. After many years of testing in labs and field trials, the results were published and their expectations were either met or exceeded. The FRP products performed as well as, or better than conventional materials, with the bonus effect of numerous additional benefits.

As well as providing the necessary structural component, the FRP members were found to be much faster to install, had superior environmental resistance, and lifespans far exceeding those of the regular materials used for power line construction.

Transmission Innovations manufactures their products at a major North American plant (Creative Pultrusions) and is prepared to, and has the capacity to meet the needs of utilities and transmission companies around the world. FRP is backbone of the new generation of transmission and distribution poles and members, and TI is there now to make its contribution.

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  • Cross arms
  • Cross braces
  • Deadend apitongs
  • Poles

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